PP - Project Partner

Higher education, research, technology transfer, interaction with the territory and internationalization: these are the areas of intervention of the University of Udine, which promotes cutting-edge skills translated into international scientific partnerships, publications, books and patents. This is the synthesis of multidisciplinary research activities developed in departments such as DAME- Department of Medical Genetics, with the aim of carrying out institutional research and teaching activities.

The Medical Genetics group is engaged in performing genetic/genomic analyses to the aim of identification molecular bases human diseases. The group utilizes different technological approaches: conventional cytogenetics and FISH, STR analysis, MLPA, allelic discrimination by quantitative PCR, analysis of genomic imbalances through microarrays. In addition, the group investigates mechanisms of regulation of gene expression (by using real-time PCR and RNA-seq) as well epigenetic mechanisms (by using ChIP-seq).

Via Palladio 8 - 33100 Udine – Italy